Gypsy Witch Spell Book

Gypsy Witch Spell Book By Charles Godfrey Leland A rare centuries old collection of customs, usages and ceremonies of gypsy clans in matters of witchcraft, love potions, spell casting and fortune telling. Gypsy Witch Secrets Revealed!!
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Gypsy Witch Spell Book by Charles Godfrey Leland: This Volume Covers Fascinating Topics such as: Shamanism, Sorcery, Vindictive And Mischievous Magic + Charms And Conjurations To Cure And Heal + Gypsy Exorcisms + A Curious Old Italian Secret +The Magic Virtues Of Garlic + Calling Upon The Spirits Of Earth And Air + Egg Lore And Egg Proverbs + To Cure Or Protect Animals + The Recovery Of Stolen Property + The Haunts And Habits Of Witches + Bogeys And Humbugs + The Principles Of Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling + Romance Based On Chance Or Hope + Gypsy Magic Spells And Secret Children s Rhymes + Gypsy Witch Amulets + Magic By Moonlight At The Cross Road + Lilith, The Child Stealer And The Powers Of Fairies Merry, Mad Or Sad. With this manual you can learn to practice the spells, ceremonies and rituals of Gypsy Witches and become a practicing Oracle in your own right. 130 Pages

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