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Powerful Gemstone Petrified Wood

Use this stone for Protection against Danger, Harm, and Jealousy. It helps protect you from your enemies, bad neighbors, and "so-called" friends.

Use this for protection against danger, harm, and jealousy. Helps protect you from your enemies, bad neighbors, and so-called friends.

Gemstones have been carried by powerful people from the beginning of time.  They have been known to affect many conditions, including love, protection, power, controlling situations and even luck! They are also used to help draw to you whatever you need and desire.  Our gemstones come with a blessed carrying bag and a special oil to anoint your stone for even more power. Anoint your stones weekly by putting 3 small drops on your hands, rub the stone and carry in you purse or pocket. This will bring the energy and power to get you what you desire!

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1 Gemstone
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3 For 15.00
SKU: G1112D
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