18-in-1 Hemp PURE CASTILE SOAP Over 150 years & 5 generations of Soap Excellence.

Rev. Moses Says,”This is the most Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Soap I have ever used – absolutely – no doubt about it!”

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps are made with unique Old World Formulas that gives you a High Lather Cleansing like no other, and a Smooth Mild After feel. The users of this Magic Soap will Feel their Body-Mind-Soul be Cleansed! Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Feel Fresh & Clean – Health is Wealth! The Unique Label on each Bottle contains Jesus’ Manual of Discipline – the Moral ABC’s of an All-One-God-Faith! For, we are ALL-ONE, or None! Let all the people of Luck Shop & Company Unite as One with this powerful binding soap. So, we can all be cleansed and pray for each other as One Good People! Praise Be to God! Amen.

The Many, Many Uses of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps:

1) Soothing Scalp & Body Rub

2) Face & Body Cleanser (Sink or Shower)

3) Bubble Bath & Body Massage

4) Fruit and Vegetable Wash – yes, that pure!

5) Household Cleaner; Dilute with water

6) Heavy Duty Grease Cutter – use full strength

7) Clears the nasal passages – breathe in on a cloth

So Lather Up when you are washing and bathing!

*** You will feel the Power – Guaranteed! ***

Rev. Moses stands by this product

100% Guaranteed to make you feel better.

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