Extra Strong Spiritual Oils

We feature Church Goods Co Highest Quality Extra Strong Spiritual Oils. Use the Power of Oils to anoint your body; to dress your candles, seals and charms; to bless your altar or anything in your home; to put in your bath water; to purify and cleanse any room in your house; to attract good luck; to send back any evil and many, many other uses. Say your wish and prayer before anointing yourself or any object. Concentrate on your desires; as faith moves mountains! It is good and effective to anoint your Pulse areas- wrists, neck, heart, ankles and behind the knees. The lasting power of oils is great and that is why reverends and wise practitioners make great use of the power of oils! Be blessed, today.

IF the oil you would like is not listed on our website, then please email us at info@luckshop.com with the title of the one you want. We have over 2500 oils and we cannot list them all. The price for any special oil is $7.98 for 1/2 ounce bottle.

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