Prosperity & Abundance Scented & Fixed 7 Day Candle

Brings wealth, health, and untold riches to you with the aid of this candle.
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Brings wealth, health, and untold riches to you with the aid of this candle.

With hard work and faith in the Lord, you can achieve all the trappings of a good, easy life. Never go broke or never want for anything! Receive all of God’s financial blessings that He has to offer and always have the “horn of plenty” in your life. Here is the Prayer for Abundance and Prosperity:

"In the name of Jesus, I ask that good luck come to me, the roads be cleared, get work, love and peace. Lord, you are my guide on teh straight paths, you set before me a table in front of my enemies, anoint my head with oil, only goodness and benevolence accompany me. I believe in you Jesus, protect me, help me to have peace again. Prosperity will enter my house and abound among my friends. Amen."

Burn this candle at a quiet time and let it burn continuously, if  possible. If not, then snuff out and re-light at a quiet time each time, while saying your personal wish or prayer before lighting. You may also write your personal wish/desire or favorite prayer on a piece of Parchment Paper with a Dove's Blood Ink Pen. Be free from all misery and harm and finally feel well, again- once and for all! Faith works miracles.

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