Stop Evil Master Power Bag

O Lord, turn back all evil and keep all enemies away from me. Protect me from all harm and make the devil run away from me, my house and my family. Amen
SKU: K4063

You now possess what we feel is a combination of very powerful supplies. We chose 7 items because we feel this is a symbol of luck which can be carried directly to you.

You may keep the bag directly on you or in a safe place such as in your bedroom, car or pillow.

Use the leftover oil to anoint it (3 drops) once a week. After 1 year bury or destroy your bag and get a new one.

Receive a different color bag for each condition. Each bag is made with your special purpose in mind. Here is what you get with each bag: The Master Power Bag, Oil, Herbs, Root, Personal Lucky Stone, Special Power Seal, Sachet Powder, and easy directions how to use.

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