Sure To Win Incense Cones

Choose the winning numbers all the time! Works great in all casino games and lottery. Hit the jackpot! Burn this and you will be sure to win!

Tired of losing all the time, missing your number by one. Burn 2-3 Sure To Win Incense cones daily to help bring in good winning vibes and winning thoughts to surround you in your home. Get the positive feeling of winning when you burn the Sure To Win Incense Cones. Works great in all Gambling games (Bingo, Slots, Lottery, BlackJack, Poker and Racetrack). Hit the jackpot! Burn 2-3 cones daily and you will be likely to win that Big Jackpot!

1 Pack (20 cones) $5.00 each
3 Packs (20 cones) $13.50
1/2 lb bag (aprox. 170 cones) $14.95 each

Sure To Win Incense Cones 1 Pack (20 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1631
Sure To Win Incense Cones 1/2 lb Bag (aprox. 170 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1631B
Sure To Win Incense Cones 3 Packs for 13.50 (20 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1631D