Altar Spiritual Oil

This oil is used to purify your holy items and altar. Anoint your holy items with this powerful oil once a week.

Use the POWER OF OILS to anoint your body; to dress your candles, seals, and charms; to bless your altar or anything in your home; to put in your bath water; to purify and cleanse any room in your house; to send back any evil; and many other purposes.


Many of our oils require that you put them on your PULSE AREAS – the WRIST, NECK, HEART, ANKLES, and behind the KNEES. People anoint themselves on their pulse areas for maximum results. You may also use the blessed eye dropper, M1023, to bless yourself, your candles, your amulets & charms and those hard to reach areas in your home, car or on the job.

Altar Spiritual Oil 1/2 oz Bottle
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Altar Spiritual Oil 3 for 13.50
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Altar Spiritual Oil 2 oz Bottle
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Altar Spiritual Oil 4 oz Bottle
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Altar Spiritual Oil 8 oz Bottle
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