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Bayberry Spiritual Oil

This oil is used to bring riches into your household. Sprinkle a few drops into your purse, wallet or around your home.

The Bayberry oil is used to bring riches into your household and put money in your wallet. Sprinkle a few drops into your purse, wallet or around your home to add triple strength to your ritual. You can also dress a Bayberry candle for extra power and you can anoint any item you will use to get money FAST!

Buy 1 oil for only $4.50 each, 3 for only $12.00.

2 oz Bottle for $11.95 each.

4 oz Bottle for $14.95 each.

8 oz Bottle for $24.95 each.

We offer many different spiritual oils to fit your specific needs! Be blessed and protected when you use these anoitning oils. Each one is packed with strong blessed oil for individual conditions!

1/2 oz Bottle
SKU: X1028
3 for 12.00
SKU: X1028D
2 oz Bottle
SKU: X1028A
4 oz Bottle
SKU: X1028B
8 oz Bottle
SKU: X1028C
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