benefits of burning incenseFor centuries, people have burned incense for a variety of reasons. From the utilitarian purposes of covering unsavory scents to bringing good luck, incense has proven to be an invaluable tool in the spiritual and physical worlds. Today, there are many types of incense to choose from including smudge sticks, incense sticks, and incense cones. These sticks make utilizing this powerful tool more convenient than ever. 

Banish Negative Energy

Some places have an unavoidable negative energy. Burning incense in these areas helps to banish those uncomfortable feelings. This is also known as cleansing. Sandalwood is an ideal cleansing incense. However, lavender and sage also work well.

Awaken the Senses

The five senses connect people to the world, but they also affect how well the mind takes in information. Burning incense clears many of the pathways that can become webbed and dark during life’s everyday battles. As a result, all the senses are awakened and refreshed. The use of incense along with meditation is an excellent method for tuning into both the inner self and the surrounding world.

Rest and Relaxation

People often don’t notice the effects that scent has on the entire body. However, when one encounters an unpleasant aroma, the whole body tenses and recoils. Likewise, when a person smells a lovely scent, they are immediately more at ease and relaxed. This is why so many turn to incense to aid in insomnia and general relaxation techniques.

Incense Brings Good Luck

Most importantly, the user of incense is certain to encounter good luck often. With all the other wonderful effects that incense has on the user, there’s little negative energy, sleeplessness, or closed off senses to hinder the very best of luck from enveloping one’s life.