It is my Birthday today and for my birthday I will make a wish – I want to be sure my wish comes true so here is what I will do….

Today I will light a 7 day Lucky Taurus Horoscope Candle – This candle represents the time of year I was born and is my Zodiac Sign. On a Piece of Parchment Paper I will write down my full name 7 times using a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen – then I will place it face up beneath the 7 Day Taurus Candle.  I will recite the following prayer for good luck and blessings once the wick is lit;

“In the name of the light, who is the lord of the universe. May the light and energy of this candle remove all fear, negativity and doubt and transmute to a powerful Healing force. May this candle attract Healing, and positive energy to me (say your name here). For the highest good of all and for the good of the universe, so be it, so be it, so be it.”

This pray and spell has always been good luck for me. It brings me peace, protection, luck, and favorable blessings throughout the year.  It is the gift that keeps on giving! If it is your birthday or yours is soon to come – try this candle burning ritual and see how it works for you!

After saying your birthday prayer – say your own personal prayer or devotional wish, be specific in what you wan. Remember, “Ask and Ye Shall Receive.”

May I be blessed and protected for another glorious year of living.  Thank You Lord for your unconditional love and for the talents you have bestowed onto me. I appreciate the blessings and will not take them for granted.

Best Wishes For All,

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