Clove Pure Essential Oil

Stops your mate from cheating on you.

The Clove Essential oil is used to stop your mate from cheating on you. This powerful oil will help your man from running in the street and cheating with other people. Keep your lover loyal and respectful so you both can remain happy with each other.

We offer many different essential oils to fit your specific needs! Be blessed and protected when you use these anointing oils. Each one is packed with strong blessed oil for your specific conditions. All of the oils listed below can be used for anointing or scenting ritual candles, for freshening potpourri or simply worn as a perfume. Apply a few drops of the oil to your wrists, neck, feet or chest area to achieve desired results. The oil may also be added to bath or mop water for a powerful effect. Directions included.

Clove Pure Essential Oil 1/2 oz Bottle
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Clove Pure Essential Oil 3 for19.95
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Clove Pure Essential Oil 4 oz Bottle
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