Dragon's Blood Incense Resin

Burn the Dragon's Blood Incense Resin to be protected from all evil, and enemies. Destroys the devil and all his evil works. Said to help improve a man's nature, as well. Carry or burn for desired results.

Dragon's Blood is a thick red resin that forms from the berries of a tropical climbing palm tree known as daemonorops draco. The fruit of these Asian palm trees is covered in scales from which a bright red shiny resin seeps out - which looks a bit like blood coming out from a cut (or a scaly dragon's hide). As it seeps out, it's traditionally collected, cleansed and then melted down to form a hard chunk of resin. Dragons Blood has been used for thousands of years in India as part of their rituals, for power and strenght. When burnt, Dragon's Blood creates a strong herbal and spicy fragrance.

Say your wish before burning this divine powerful incense -a small spoonful- in your house at a quiet time. Place in your incense burner and light. A small Piece of charcoal is needed for burning. (See Incense Burning Supplies) Do not leave incense burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children.

All Incense Resins Need Charcoal and a Burner to burn propeperly. 
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Dragon's Blood Incense Resin 1 Pack
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