Sandalwood Resin (Song of India) Incense Powder


Burn to bring Good Health, Wealth, Peace, Joy and an Abundance of Blessings to you and your home.


Burn this true, original powerful incense to Purify and Cleanse your surroundings and atmosphere, to create a peaceful and relaxing environment- to let good fortune come your way- Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity. Helps remove all negative energy, suffering and misery- so you may lead a joyful, blessed life, always.

These resins are obtained from the bark of trees in their natural form, It is best burnt over lit charcoal (No. M1020- $2.95) for the purpose of maximizing the aroma and creating the best possible uplifting atmosphere. May the Lord Bless you, now and always! Comes in 1oz. Round Metal Tin.


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