When ever doing spiritual work that involves; mojo magick, candle burning, prayer with incense, oils, talismans, amulets, and other forms of ritualistic practice and devotion, it is important to put energy and focus into your work!  Do not rely on the power of miracles without having faith. Good intentions and selflessness often bring faster and most effective results. Try following these simple guidelines for better spiritual practice. Better Karma Too!


1. When wishing and doing magic rituals for money – DO NOT be GREEDY. Just ask for enough to cover your debt and to get ahead. Once you have the financial stability and freedom you need – work on the Luck and Success in your life – you can have honest riches this way! Also remember that prayers, chants, and spells go along way. Say your desires out loud when using any money drawing product.  By saying your money desires out loud – you are also sending out your energy into the universe. 


2. When working to Break-Up or Separate two people – be fair and just. Make sure this is what you want and that it is for the greater good.  (Revenge is NOT a good reason to break two people up.) Say your desires out loud and call out the 2 names you wish to see separated.


3. When working towards success or good luck try a cleansing bath first. Luck Shop offers a large variety of powerful lucky pieces – many great charms and jewelry items! For best results  take a cleansing bath first to remove any jinx, block, or bad luck condition. By cleansing your body, mind, and soul, you are starting life brand new – without negative vibrations attached. It is easier to welcome good luck and success when you are not being held back or blocked by negative forces. I recommend cleansing baths at least 4 times a year.


4. When removing evil, bad luck, jinx, or crossed conditions, it is best to burn a white candle while working any other products. This keeps things balanced. White candles represent purity, health, peace, and divine miracles. This helps push away the evil and jinx and welcomes in a cleansed state of being. Prayer is essential to removing evil, jinx, and bad luck conditions. Strength, Courage, Devotion, and Faith bring MIRACLES.