Good Luck 4 Leaf Clover Jewelry Set

Wear or carry both of these (Bracelet & Necklace) for DOUBLE LUCK! Attract good luck in ALL things in ALL areas of your life- job, school, family, health, money problems so you will be successful. Also Lucky to wear when playing any casino or number games—to help you Hit & get on a winning streak! This genuine 4 leaf clover set will help keep the money rolling in and lady luck on your side. Works like a charm!
SKU: J4511

This genuine 4 leaf clover set (Bracelet & Necklace) will help keep the money rolling in and lady luck on your side. Works like a charm! Be lucky in all things you do! Come across easy winnings, fast luck, success, and happiness - this 4 leaf clover set will be your secret to success!

The 4 leaf clover is said to bring Goodluck!!

It is believed that each leaf has its own meaning, one leaf is for faith... The second for Hope... The third for Love... And the Fourth is for Luck...

Legend has it that it is also good to ward off evil and witchcraft, and help heal the sick..

Only $12.95 Per Set!!!



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