Seven African Powers Talisman Gold


Use the Seven African Powers Talisman Gold for drawing on the power of your ancestors! Have the power and success from those who came before you! Solve all problems, even the most difficult situations!


The Powerful 7 African Gods will help control any problem or person that is bringing your down. Use this necklace and combine the powers of the 7 African Powers to conquer your toughest problems. Works for all situations. Can solve even the most difficult situations!

7 African Powers Prayer

Oh, Seven African Powers, who are so close to our Divine Savior, with great humility I kneel before thee and implore your intercession before the Great Spirit. Hear my petition and grant me peace and prosperity. Please remove all of the obstacles that cause me to stray from the Beauty Way. Oh Olofi, I trust in the words “ask and you shall receive”. Let it be so! Amen.

This talisman has been used for years to promote your inner vibrations to help overcome or strengthen your condition, whatever it may be.


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