Crystal Dragon Claw Necklace


The Crystal Dragon Claw is known to be the “Miracle” Necklace in spiritual and metaphysical circles. It is alleged to bring many blessings to you, when combined with your powers of faith, prayer and concentration- Luck, Power, Abundance, Control and Clearance of all evil.


This very rare and powerful lucky piece known as the Crystal Dragon Claw “Miracle” Necklace is known to provide abundance of many blessings- both spiritual and material. It is an “All-Purpose” jewelry item formulated and designed to:
– Control Others/Command Respect
– Stop Evil & Enemies/ Kill Jinx
– Attract Money and Jackpot Winnings
– Bring Fast Luck to you
– Conquers all situations/problems

Comes with 24″ Neck Rope.

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One Necklace, Two Necklaces


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