It seems more and more people are down on their luck these days.  The job market is not what it used to be and money is tight just about everywhere. Prices for living are high and many families are on strict budget.  LET ME SHARE SOME  MONEY SECRETS WITH YOU so that you can get out of your financial rut. I have witnessed money miracles and have heard many stories about financial relief and now I would like to share it all with you. I will share with you specialty items, recipes, spells, and prayers that you can say or do to get money relief! Keep in mind the power of pray and faith – they go a long way!

Before requesting a money miracle through the use of Luck Shop products or services we ask that you; set your aims realistically, work consistently toward this goal, be generous towards others, read Psalm 73 daily, and plenty may be showered upon you and your household.

Making Your Own Money Blessings Bag


This is the simplest recipe for your very own money drawing bag. You will first write down your name 7 times (using red dove’s blood ink) onto the Dollar Bill. Then put all of the items including the folded dollar bill into the green bag and triple knot it shut.  Anoint it with the Money Blessing Oil to add potency and pulling power! Recite Psalm 73 daily.

Money Drawing/Emergency Pulling Power/Gain Control Over Finances 7 Day Candle


  • Helps You Hold Onto Your Money
  • Pulls Cash From Any Source, Fast!
  • Draws Money Miracles in a Hurry
  • Gain Control over Finances
  • Great for Lawsuits, Gamblers,
  • People in Debt, Emergency Expenses
  • And other Money Matters!

Fast Cash Money Oil

Wear on your neck and palms of your hands and wait for your BIG PAYDAY to come to you.  FAST CASH has NEVER been so EASY!

1 oz. Bottle Made with Real Cash! $8.95 Each

Using spiritual, lucky, magical, and faith based items, you can transform your debt into CASH! Find alternatives to money making, or get financial relief! Luck Shop can teach you many tricks and spells that just might work! For more advice or money spells contact anyone of our specialists on