A Mojo bag is individually prepared to bring good luck to the person who wears it. On the outside, these special charm bags look deceptively simple and are often made from soft leather or a drawstring bag of red flannel fabric.

However, once you open one of these good luck bags, you will find that they contain all the makings of a charm especially created to bring money, love, or a change in fortune.  The hoodoo root workers who add the ingredients carefully select the flowers and other vegetation, rocks and minerals, as well the zoological pieces to be used and prayed over while the spell is being cast.

Before a recipient can receive this blessing, he or she must take the time to write a petition. A plain brown piece of paper like a shopping bag is used for this purpose. The letters of the petition must appear on all four edges of the paper in order to concentrate the power of the question before the Mojo bag can be created.

During the conjuring process, the voodoo practitioner will clear the air by burning incense. This step chases the bad energy surrounding the person away from the bag and awakens the senses to what is truly possible.

The voodoo master will tell you where the Mojo bag should be worn on your body for maximum effect. Recipients should burn incense to enhance their luck and chase away the bad spirits that would prevent good fortune from finding them. The good luck power of this charm will bring money and other good changes to the person who wears it.