Deriving from the Latin Caribbean and African Cultures, Mojo Bags have been prepared and carried for many centuries. Its history has remained intact and people who use or prepare them today are still making them the way they were made many hundreds of years ago. The word “Mojo” can be defined as a “Magical Charm Bag.” They are most often prepared with a mixture of items including; herbs, powders, incense blends, gemstones, amulets, roots, magnetic sands, and sometimes small personal items depending on what or who the Mojo Bag is for. The mixture of ingredients used will activate power or attraction of the desired result, whether it is love, marriage, protection, success, gambling or money.

Traditionally Mojo Bags are made with Red Flannel Bags but can often come in different colors. Different colors are representations of various situations. For example; Red is most often for Attraction and can be used for ALL Mojo Bags, Green Bags are generally used for Money; Yellow for Luck and Success, White for Healing, Blue for Peace and Justice, Purple for Conquering and Commanding, and so on. Once a Mojo Bag is prepared and is in the possession of the owner – the owner must wear or carry it with them always for maximum results. Some carry it around their necks, in their pockets, purses, bras, cars, etc… a place that is safe.

It is important that No One touch another person’s Mojo Bag  – Once someone else touches your Mojo Bag, it is said to lose all power. So keep all of your Mojo Bags Secret and Safe and You shall find yourself in great shape. Many people from all walks of life, from doctors and lawyers to moms and children carry Mojo Bags daily – Do you have a Mojo Bag? Click Here For Mojo Bags