Burn these 14 Day Candles to make your Dreams & Wishes come true!
These 14 Day Blessed Candles have been specially blessed by Rev. Moses. They burn up to 14 days for ultimate candle burning magic power! Burn these 14 Day Candles because they work and create positive vibrations in your life and your space. Burning these 14 Days candles will give you the maximum power needed for any conditions you may be facing.  Never go without love, money or luck when you burn a 14 Day Blessed Candle. These are very strong and very powerful candles therefore 14 Day Candles are SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED.

We STRONGLY SUGGEST choosing UPS as your delivery method when ordering 14 Day Blessed Candles. UPS gurantees FASTEST, SAFEST And CHEAPEST delivery.  UPS CANNOT ship to PO BOXES. If you must request United States Postal Service – you will incur extra postage and handling charges. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU.

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