Just Judge 14 Day Blessed Candle


Achieve justice and favorable outcomes in all of your legal matters. This specially crafted candle is designed to influence the court, prosecutor, opposing lawyer, and judge to side in your favor, ensuring a fair and just resolution.

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Introducing our 14 Day Blessed Just Judge Candle. It helps achieve justice in legal matters. This candle influences the court, prosecutor, opposing lawyer, and judge to side in your favor. It ensures a fair resolution and relieves the burdens of legal battles. The candle radiates positive energy and divine intervention to tip the scales of justice to your side. Watch how it creates an aura of favorability, encouraging support for your cause. Whether facing a challenging court case, relentless prosecutor, or difficult lawyer, this candle is your guiding light. It works over 14 days to influence key players in your legal proceedings. Embrace the power of the 14 Day Blessed Just Judge Candle and let justice prevail. Be free at last!

To enhance your candle burning, write your intentions on a Blessed Parchment Paper (M1002) and Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005) and place under the candle as it burns! Anoint with any Reverend Moses Spiritual Oils for Extra Strength like (X1268-Just Judge Oil)!


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