7 Colors Power Chakra Pendant


7 Powers for you to have, wear them and have them with you everywhere you go!


Wear the 7 Power Chakra Pendant to have all the powers of the chakra work for you.

You will have the powers for the following conditions: 

The Powers of High Conquering – you will be able to conquer any and all obstacles that are plaguing your life. 

The Power of All Healing – If you are ill or suffering from aches and pains, this chakra pendant will alleviate you of it all.

The Power of Lucky Money – Bring Money into your life from any and every source available to you, never be broke again!

The Power to Stop Evil/ Protection – No Evil will come into your life and you will be protected all of the time when wearing this Chakra Pendant.

The Power of Jinx Removing/ Run Devil Run – All curses, hexes and jinxes will be gone from your life! 

The Power of Strong Love – True Love will come to you and the one you are attracted will have eye for you and only you!

The Powers of the Chakras will always be with you when you wearing the Ultimate Chakra Necklace.  


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