Cleansing 7 Day Candle Burning Service


Burn the Cleansing 7 Color candle for cleansing against bad luck, hexes, witchcraft and spells. Cleansing of the home and business.

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With our 7-Day Candle Burning Service, we will burn premium 7-Day Candles for you. Choose from one, two, or three candles and we will burn these for you! If you select one candle, we will burn this candle for you for a full week ( 7 days). If you select two candles, we will burn these candle for two full weeks (14 days). If you select three candles, we will burn these candles for you for three full weeks (21 days). Add more quantities to add additional weeks. For instance, if you want to burn a candle for six weeks, choose three blessed candles and a quantity of two. If you want us to burn all of your candles at the same time, we can- please just leave a note under instructions.

We will burn the Cleansing candle for cleansing against bad luck, hexes, witchcraft and spells. It cleanses the home and business. Eliminates hexes against money and work. Request this service with positivity in your heart and mind and you will soon notice the changes the candle will bring into your life.

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