Follow Me Boy 7 Day Candle


Our Follow Me Boy Candle is a powerful symbol of eternal love that ignites passion and deepens the connection between two souls. With each graceful flicker, it guides the boy towards his beloved, creating an unbreakable bond and promising a future filled with devotion and commitment.


The Follow Me Boy Candle is a symbol of true and  everlasting love! It is powerful and will ignite passion and create a deep connection between two souls. This enchanting candle holds the secret to love and ensuring that it is everlasting. As the flame dances gracefully, it  will guide the boy towards the one who lights it, creating an unbreakable bond between them. With each flicker of the flame, the Follow Me Boy Candle infuses the air with a captivating energy, drawing the boy closer to his beloved. This candle is a testament to the strength of their love, promising a future filled with devotion and commitment. Try one today so that you will be followed wherever you may go!

For EXTRA POWER during your ritual, write your intentions on a piece of Blessed Parchment Paper (M1001A) using the Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005). Anoint your candles with any of the Reverend Moses Spiritual Oils to enhance the quality of your burn!

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