Frankincense Cones


Use the Power of Frankincense to draw good health, wealth, and happiness! Frankincense has been beloved for centuries for bringing wellness, fortune, and prosperity to those who use it!


These POWERFUL Frankincense Cones can be burned to draw GOOD HEALTH, WELATH, AND HAPPINESS! Long has Frankincense been revered for its Powers and Spiritual Abilities. These Incense Cones have the ability to bring Good Fortune and Prosperity to those who use it! Burn these to draw Good Fortune to your entire household!

Rev. Moses Blessed Incense Cones work FAST in all situations! Burn this incense for your Unique and Specific Conditions! For the best results, burn with charcoal (M1020) while saying your prayers aloud or reading your favorite scriptures. 

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One 20ct Bag, Three 20ct Bags, One 1/2lb Bag


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