Large Pentagram Necklace


Ancient Gold Symbol of great power and protection against unforseen forces and all evil. Gives wearer wisdom, knowledge & understanding in all matters.

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Ancient  Symbol of great POWER! PROTECTION! PROPHECY! 

The Pentagram is said to contain all the mysteries of magic and POWER of unforseen forces.

It’s believed to give the wearer domination over all situations. It was worn by the greatest prophets!

Ancient symbol of great power will help you protect you against all evil and unseen forces! Be free from all spells and curses sent by your enemies OR anyone who wants revenge against you. Helps destroy any evil around you.

Also, is said to give the wearer great wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all matters; and be able to use your God given intuition to assess the truth in all situations. Knowledge is Power! Have it, and be blessed.



* Gold Necklace Comes with 24″ gold chain.

Wear or carry as a pocket piece

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