Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing Bath


Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid to remove the evil and bad odors from your body. Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid and remove all evil and its nasty odors for good and feel good again! This also cleanses you from all crossed and jinxed conditions.


The absolute best you can buy to cleanse your body! Removes Evil and Bad Odors from your body. Gets rid of unwanted evil or spirits that are bothering you and cleanses your soul of any jinx or cross conditions! You will feel and look good again! With no more jinx or bad luck on you, or in you, you can start to move forward in your life once and for all. 

16 oz bottle of the Blessed Holy Spirit Liquid and 8 oz bag of the Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Crystals for only $19.95 with easy to follow directions!


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