Reversible Spells & Rituals


This is a fine guide with several spells to help those with their needs. It has techniques on how to spell cast as well as list of what tools to use while spell casting or ritual casting. A comprehensive guide to those wanting to hone their spellcasting skills.

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Reversible Spells & Rituals by Carlos Antonio Montenegro: Magic is the art or science of focusing, tapping into and using the natural forces found within and around us to bring about a change. Magic itself is not, to use a popular phrase, black and white. The use of it by the practitioner of the magical occult arts determines what direction or path it will take. Most pagan value systems means that their followers do not perform negative magic. Spells that harm, manipulate or even cause destruction or pain are all forms of negative magic. In order to perform magic, one must take the time to understand what it is. A basic principal of magic is that one receives from it exactly what one puts into it. Carlos Montenegro introduces the reader to magic in Reversible Spells and Rituals. The following are covered in the book: The Montenegro reversible spell, to break the powers of a spell, a spell to remove curses from yourself, # to remove a hex, breaking a love curse, breaking a binding spell, to undo a love spell, to reverse a spell, how to banish a person from your life, to change a situation from bad to good, spell to reflect negativity, reverse magic, how to break a jinx or get uncrossed, to break a streak of bad luck, uncrossing and crossing spells, unbinding spell, protection spell, spiritual baths, sprinkling powder recipes and more… 69 pages


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