Sacred Magic Revised


During childhood William Oribello had many mystical experiences which guided him to firsthand encounters with both the inner plane and living adepts of the secret wisdom. Since 1965, he has taught magic and true religion, and how to use this twofold unity as a tool to make a better person and a better world. The foundation for success in working the Sacred Magic is to master the very important things within your daily life. The areas are Mastery of Thought, The Spoken Word and of Secret Force. A thousand mile journey begins with the first step. Oribello will guide you.

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 Revised and Updated! Discover the power of the occult secrets that are thousands of years old. With this book you can find answers to lifes many problems and learn how to release the power of your inner self. Gain luck, wisdoms understanding and power to achieve all of your greatest desires. This is a 95 page paperback book.


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