Spell Breaker (Large 14.4 oz Spray can)


Break any spells that may be attached to you or your family, now! Will break break through any chains that are holding you back, even if your enemy is no longer here.


Spell Breaker Spray is super powerful and  can break any hexes, spells, or jinxes cast by enemies, whether they are alive or dead. It is also effective in removing any evil energies from the surroundings and within. With its unique formula, this spray can provide you with a sense of security and protection against negative energies. Whether you are feeling uneasy or suspect that someone has cast a spell on you, Spell Breaker Spray can help you break free from the grip of negative forces. Break through any spells that may be holding you and your family back and be free at last!

To use, simply spray in all four corners of your home, including closets, bedrooms, and all other rooms. The spray works fast to bring peace and positive energy into your space.


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