St. Francis of Assisi All Powerful Saint Necklace


Call on St. Francis of Assisi for all of your needs. He was the patron of nature, charity, and a true peace maker.


When you feel that you are in a true time of need call on St. Francis of Assisi to comfort you. St. Francis of Assisi is known to grant miracles, especially to the poor and needy or those whom are suffering. He is the patron known for his charity work, meaning that you can rely on him during a true time of need. He is also known to be a true protector of not only animals, but of nature. Bringing peace and blessings wherever he went, St. Francis of Assisi will help to bring many blessings into yours and your family’s lives. This piece comes with a chain so that you can wear it as a necklace or carry it along with you. 

Say this prayer while holding your Necklace:

St. Francis of Assisi, I call on you today to bring peace and blessings into mine and my family’s life. We need a true  blessing to get through these difficult times that have been brought before us. I ask that you bring us the peace and prosperity that we need to live in true comfort and happiness. I pray that you continue to protect the earth around me, so that me and my family can live at ease. We call on you today St. Francis of Assisi, Amen. 

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