Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed


Learn to expose the evil eye and be protected from all evil.

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Protection Against Evil by Henri Gamache: Is there such a thing as the dreaded Evil Eye? Can it be possible that some people have the Power to cast strange spells on those they wish to destry or is it just a figment of a tortured imagination or an unholy belieft of the ignorant and superstitious? At last a book has been written, a book that dares to tell the Facts and Practices of this Horrible Nightmare of Fear ad Reveals the varied sources of the most dreaded of all Vicious Spells. Once you understand the Mysterious aspects of this Evil Terror and know of the many different Symbols, Talismans, Amulets, seals, etc. used to thwart it all FEARS will VANISH as the clouds before the Sun. 104 Pages


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