Tranquil Scented & Fixed Candle


Bring PEACE and CALM to even the most troubled situations with this powerful candle! Burn this candle to bring tranquility to your home, place of work, family, or relationships.


Are you finding yourself constantly fighting? Is there a heavy burden weighing you down? Burn this candle to feel true PEACE and CALM throughout your home! This candle can be used to bring a deep sense of TRANQUILITY to your home, your family, your relationship, and even your place of work!

All Reverend Moses Spiritual Candles work FAST to help your unique situations! Simply burn this candle at night or in the evening for a few hours a day, about seven days in a row. Watch as all your problems are solved by these spiritual candles! For EXTRA POWER in your ritual, write your intentions on a piece of Blessed Parchment Paper (M1001A) using the Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005). Annoint your candles with any of the Reverend Moses Spiritual Oils to BLESS your candle and Enhance the quality of your burn!


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