White Sage & Basil Smudge Stick 4″


Discover the transformative effects of our White Sage and Basil Smudge Stick, as the harmonious blend purifies energy, promotes healing, and offers protection against negativity.

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The unique blend of White Sage and Basil, delicately wrapped into a Smudge Stick, offers a distinct combination. It effectively purifies your surrounding energy and protects against negative influences. White Sage, used for centuries to cleanse spaces, promote healing, and invite positive energy. Basil, known for its protective properties, adds an extra layer of defense against any malevolent forces that may be present. It is also known to be a “Spell Breaker!” By burning this, you will break any spells that were cast on you or your family. This Smudge Stick is great for those who are trying to remove jinx, hex, spells, or to uncross themselves!

How to burn a Smudge Stick Properly: 

To burn a smudge stick you will need a heatproof bowl or dish to hold under the smudge stick while it is burning. To begin, light the tip of the smudge stick with a lighter or match. Once it is lit, blow out the flame so that the smudge stick is smoldering and producing smoke. Hold the smudge stick over the bowl or dish and use your hand to fan the smoke around your home, starting at the front door and focusing on the corners of each room. As you move through your space, focus on your intention for smudging. This could be anything from cleansing negative energy to inviting positive energy into your space. Be sure to pay special attention to corners, closets, and other areas where energy can become stagnant.

Once you have smudged your entire home, extinguish the smudge stick by pressing it into the bowl or dish until it is completely out. You can save the remaining smudge stick for future use. Remember to always practice fire safety when burning a smudge stick in your home.

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