White Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick- 4 inch


This POWERFUL Smudge stick can be burned to Spiritually Cleanse any home, car, or workplace. Burn this Cedar and White Sage stick to ward off all negative energies and evil spirits, protect from harm, and cleanse your home!


WHITE SAGE and POWERFUL CEDAR have been used for generations to ward off EVIL and UNWANTED SPIRITS! This powerful combination of herbs is perfect to use when cleansing your home, workplace, car, and any other place that needs extra Protection! This bundle is POWERFUL in clearing away jinxes, hexes, and curses or keeping unwanted spirits at bay! Burn this to Cleanse and release your household from all evil.

Sage Smugde sticks have been used throughout history to burn away evil, and cleanse new homes. Simply burn the end of the bundle as you pass throughout your home. Pray over the bundle while cleansing your home to clear away Darkness and Evil, and to Protect your home from all things!


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