White Sage & Dragon Blood Smudge Stick – 4 inch


Cleanse and purify yourself and your home. Drive away all evil and negativity. Be protected.


Remove jinx, hex, or spells & curses on you, your home or family members. Stops voodoo and destroys witchcraft. 

Burn and then walk through every room in your house- if possible–while Praying and Manifesting your wishes and desires. 

Be purifed and cleansed. Calm your atmosphere, so it can be peaceful and full of joy.

“Smudging” your surroundings is wonderful experience. You will feel results soon! You can smudge anywhere that you feel bad vibrations- car, workplace, or home.

Peace, joy, and love can be yours with the effectiveness of this powerful smudge stick.

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Weight 5.95 lbs


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