White Sage & Rose Smudge Stick – 4 inch


Cleanse yourself and your surroundings. Especially good for repairing or fixing toxic relationships. Make your love strong!


Burn during a quiet time to cleanse evil, negativity or bad vibrations from your surroundings. Purify and Cleanse- epecially your relationships- if there is fussing, fighting or other women/men tyring to interfere with your relationship.

By smudging – in every room in your house- if possible, you will be purifying and cleansing, so that your love will flourish and grow. Helps you achieve Strong Love, so your lover desires you, only!

Pray and manifest your desires out loud while smudging and walking around your home.

You can smudge anywhere that you feel bad vibrations- car, workplace, or home.

Peace, joy, and love can be yours with the effectiveness of this powerful smudge stick.


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