Protection Spiritual Oil

Wear this oil on your wrists and neck to protect yourself from any evil or harm. It stops jealousy too.

Wear the Protection oil on your wrists and neck before leaving your home or after a nice bath to protect yourself from any evil or harm. It stops jealousy, the evil eye, angry people, and all physical or spiritual harm too. You can sprinkle some of this powerful oil inside and outside your home for triple strength and to stay protected even at home. You can also dress a spiritual candle to increase the power of the candle burning ritual.

Buy 1 oil for only $5.00 each, 3 for only $13.50

2 oz Bottle for $11.95 each.

4 oz Bottle for $14.95 each.

8 oz Bottle for $24.95 each.

We offer many different spiritual oils to fit your specific needs! Be blessed and protected when you use these anoitning oils. Each one is packed with strong blessed oil for individual conditions!

Protection Spiritual Oil 1/2 oz Bottle
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Protection Spiritual Oil 3 for 13.50
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Protection Spiritual Oil 2 oz Bottle
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Protection Spiritual Oil 4 oz Bottle
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Protection Spiritual Oil 8 oz Bottle
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