Relationships are as mysterious as outer space, we all have an idea of what space may look and feel like but there are levels of uncertainty that may take us by surprise – just like our relationships. It is important not to compare your relationship, marriage, or love life with others. You are an individual and your love life is one of a kind. Follow your heart and find a lover true to you,  your goals, dreams, and needs. When and if you are seeking a new lover, burn a Love Drawing Candle along side a Plain White Candle – this will help you draw someone sincere. Do this when you don not have a particular person in mind or if you are in the dating scene and are looking for something a bit more serious.  Do not try to control someone’s love for you, instead pray for STRONG TRUE LOVE.

If you have a special someone in mind and wish that he or she would pay a bit more attention to you, burn Highest Quality Come To Me Incense while you wash in a Come To Me Herbal Bath Mix and concentrate  on being with that person.  New Love is always fun and exciting but it is easy to take for granted.  If after years of being in a committed relationship  you feel that you both have grown far apart, do not give up! Rekindle the Fire! Bring back the feelings that once had you head over heels. Cleanse your home to get rid of negative vibrations and burn a Triple Strength Fixed Attraction/Love/Come To Me Candle with Two White Candles on the side.  While the flame is going think about your love, think about being in love, think about rekindling the fire, and call him or her back to you. Keep Adam and Eve Root Under your bed to bind you two together for stronger love.  On top of the candle burning remember Communication is Key!

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