“Negative Energy, Bad Luck, Evil, and Jealousy is all around us, and at any given point you can be drawn into the Traps and Evils of; Spells, Jinx, Curse, Witchcraft and other forms of Evil. It is easy to blame our bad luck and misfortunes on the evil intent of others but what if the bad luck is coming from within? It is important to know the difference between an evil attack and the blocks we create for ourselves.
Do Not Be Quick to Blame Your Condition, Situation, or Misfortunes on the Evil Ways and Intent of Others – Look to the Mirror First For Answers then Attempt to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself!”


Start by thinking of positive changes and by refusing anymore bad luck! Envision your life without the blocks, bad luck, and misfortunes, what does your life look like without the suffering? Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath and Look on the Bright Side. It is suggested by many spiritualists to take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath 3-4 times a year, but at the very least 2 times a year. Negative vibrations and bad luck often resurface even after you have cleansed yourself – so be on the safe side and keep up with your cleansing baths.

Sometimes we encourage more bad luck and misfortune to enter our lives because we subconsciously allow it. Do not trap or limit yourself into thinking; you are destined to fail, won’t get ahead, will never get out of debt, your luck is doomed, or that you can’t do something – YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. Negative thoughts and behavior lead to more negativity – Positive thoughts and behavior lead to more positivity – it is simple math! The Key to Success and Happiness is Positive Vibration and Spiritual Cleansing – Have Faith, an Open Mind, a Positive Attitude, and You Will See Good Things Come to You! The Power of Prayer is an Unstoppable Force – Remember to Use it!

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Whenever you feel, or know that you have been Crossed Up, Jinxed, or exposed to Black Magic or Witchcraft it is important to Cleanse and Protect yourself. Do not give in to the jinx and evils that plague you. As mentioned above – start with a Spiritual Cleansing Bath to ensure all other Uncrossing and Protection products work to the Maximum Effect! Depending on the level of jinx or where it came from you can learn how to Defend, Uncross, and Protect yourself from Evil Attacks!

If your jinx or curse is the result of a bitter or jealous enemy use Candle Burning Magic – try Rev. Moses’ Victory of Evil Blessed Dressed & Fixed Candle to remove and destroy the hold that they have on you. You can also use the Reversible Kit (comes with 8 powerful items) to Reverse the Evil Back to the Sender. If the Jinx or Curse is something unnatural or beyond the grave use the Demon Destroyer Kit or Black Destroyer Oil to banish the devil and demons from your life.

Everyone has a different story and different path – all cases are unique but there is ALWAYS a solution to all situations. Learn more about Spells and Curses from Spellcraft, Hexcraft, and Witchcraft a Book by Anna Riva, or learn more about Spiritual Protection from Magical Rituals for Protection a Book by & Donna Rose.