Spiritual oils are intended to bring good luck, peace of mind, and protection to the user. For centuries now, spiritual oils have been the solution to many conditions, situations, and problems.  Spiritual oils are made by combining; pure essential oils, extracts, and sacred minerals, and are used to enhance the power of one’s wishes and desires. There is a vast variety of scents, minerals, and extracts that are used in creating these spiritual oils. Each is unique in its own way and each provides a different effect or solution when in use. It is best to do some research on spiritual oils before using them, so that you get the right one for your personal condition or situation. There are 3 ways how spiritual oils are primarily used.


Spiritual oils can be used to anoint your body, candles, mojo bags, amulets, talismans, and other personal items.  When spiritual oils are used on personal items and mojo products they enhance the powers of the products and provide extra strength to your desires and wishes.  It is important to concentrate on your desires and wishes while applying the spiritual oils – say a personally prayer or request out loud for maximum results.


Spiritual oils are often very fragrant and highly concentrated. People often dilute the oils into their baths to wash or bathe in them. This is an alternative to directly applying the oils onto your skin. If you have sensitive skin this is the best approach in anointing or blessing yourself or home with the oils.  Try mixing your spiritual oils in your mop water or cleaning sprays too! Add extra blessings and strength to your cleaning process and use the spiritual oils to cleanse and protect you AND your home! Combining spiritual oils to your mop water or cleaning solutions will act to rid your home from bad odors, bacteria, and evil vibrations. Cleanse your body and home with spiritual oils to turn your luck around and to acquire extra blessings and protection.


Spiritual Oils can be warmed or burned using an Aroma Lamp or Oil Diffuser. Aroma Lamps and Oil Diffusers essentially do the same thing; they heat up the spiritual oils using a tea light candle or an electric heat source like a light bulb. An alternative method to wearing or bathing in spiritual oils is to use to burn them for prayer or meditation purposes. When the spiritual oil heats up it will gradually release specific energies and aromas into your atmosphere. The spiritual oils can be easily mixed in with other natural elements such as incense, herbs, and roots.