Candles have long been used to help “petition the Lord” or Supreme Being to bring about a desired result or effect. A Spell Caster’s intent to bring “Light and Clarity” to a particular situation can be attained by burning certain candles for certain conditions. To increase the effectiveness of candles, light them in combination with other spiritual products, such as powders, incense, essence oils, herbs & roots, magical seals and specialized writing supplies.

Steps to Cast Spells with Candles

  1. You must select the appropriate candle to burn for your condition. There are many, many different kinds of candles that can fit your needs. All you need to do is pick the candle that feels right for you… trust your gut. You can start with using our helpful Candle Color Chart, or you can select from our many offerings based on your specific needs.
  2. Choose a quiet time of your day when you are most focused, and state your wish, prayer or desire in front of the candle. You may also say a Saints Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, your favorite Psalm from the Bible, or Psalm 23. Meditate and Concentrate on your desires for a minute or two. Remember, it’s the intent that brings the desired result. Express your desire out loud, and hold it in your heart!
  3. To make your prayers more powerful, anoint/bless the candle with 3 drops of spiritual or blessed oil, using the oil that best fits your condition/desire. Be sure that the candle wick is dry. Then place the oil on your thumb, index and middle finger and anoint the outside of the glass candle jar or candle itself (if no glass), by running your fingers with oil from Top to Bottom OR from Bottom to Top, depending on what you are trying to do. You can choose from our fine selection of spiritual oils for many different types of conditions.NOTE: If you are trying to Draw or Attract Something or Someone (a lover, husband, girlfriend, money, fast luck, wealth, success, a job, a winning court case/verdict, etc.), then you want to Anoint/Bless your candle from TOP to BOTTOM; in other words, anoint towards you. If you are trying to Remove or Get Rid of a Condition/Person/Problem (Jinx, Evil, an Enemy, Jealousy, Nosy Neighbor, Ex-Lover, Voodoo, Witchcraft, etc.), then you want to Anoint/Bless your candle from BOTTOM to TOP; in other words, anoint away from you.
  4. You may write your wish or request on Parchment Paper using one of our Specialized Ink Pens. Use a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen when trying to draw something positive or someone to you, and a Dragon’s Blood Ink Pen when you are trying to Remove or Get Rid Of something bad or negative. Writing your wish or desire puts your intent out into the universe as something real and attainable.Or you may write your wish or request on one of our many Magical Seals (powerful ancient Hebrew symbols transcribed onto parchment paper). Anoint the 4 corners of your magical Seal with blessed or spiritual oil, and then place the seal under the candle to burn. If you want, you may also sprinkle various spiritual herbs and roots or powders around the candle as it is burning for a stronger effect. Many people also like to burn Incense while their candle is burning. This creates a highly charged and spiritual atmosphere, conducive to conjuring good vibrations & spirits.
  5. Now, you are ready to light your candle. All you must do is state your wish, prayer or desire before lighting your candle at a quiet time, as we mentioned earlier. You can use a match or utilize one of our wax or wood lighting sticks. Please Note that even if you do not have any oils or other mystical items to use in addition to burning your candle, just burning the candle alone can effectively “cast your spell”. 

It is recommended that you burn your candle continuously—in a SAFE PLACE away from anything that can catch fire, and always when you are around. IF you cannot burn your candle continuously, then repeat your candle ritual each time you re-light your candle. For the sake of safety, you must NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED.

***Remember, that you must believe with all the faith in your heart, mind and soul in the power of the candle burning. Your very own mental powers of prayer and concentration make for very powerful positive forces and vibrations, which will help you achieve the best results that you are looking for. Be Blessed, Always!***

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