Open the Doors to Success Astral Mystical Candle

Burn this candle to remove and unblock any negative spirits or forces that are holding you back. from Bust thru these blocks and Open the Doors to Success, Prosperity and Abundance so you can live well.
SKU: C7732

Burn this powerful candle to Open the Doors to Success, Prosperity and Abundance. Unlock the key to success, so you can be healthy, wealthy and wise.

If you believe there are forces and negative spirits holding you down, and preventing you from succeeding, then you should try burning this candle. Create a breakthrough and open the doors to a new, happy life, with no suffering.

Burns about 100 hours. Say your wish and desires before burning and concentrate on your desires, while burning at a quiet time. Burn continuously if possible, But never leave a burning candle unattended. Comes with its own instructions (English and Spanish), which you may also follow, if you wish.

Burn this candle at least once a month for maximum effect, or until you see results. Without faith, there is no hope. Burn and pray daily.

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