7 Restless Spirits Astral Mystical Candle (Intranquilo)


Burn this candle to make someone’s spirit restless, for any reason you so desire- their mind, soul and 5 senses.
The candle aura will create discomfort for the person you choose- so they “come to their senses/right mind” quickly.

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You can burn this candle for many reasons: as part of a Controlling Love Spell to force a lover of yours to return to you. Say your lovers name 3 times and silently say your wish before spraying. The vibrations you give off will make your lover feel so restless or “intranquil” that he/she will be compelled to come back to you with respect and devotion.

This candle can also be used as part of a Spell to Reverse or Turn Back Evil –to make your Enemies feel uncomfortable, irritable, itchy and restless or “Intranquil”—giving them No peace of mind and making them all confused.

You can also use this candle to petition the Lord to influence or have others bend to your will, or do as you say. Say your wish and pray silently facing East, legend says—and no harm will come to you. You will gain victory over all evil and enemies and have peace of mind, it is said. You will feel good again, and suffer no more!

If your wish is very specific and you would like to add extra power; You should write your wish/desire with a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005) on a piece of genuine Parchment Paper (M1002) and place this request underneath your burning candle. Say your wish and desire at a quiet time, before burning your candle. May God bless you, always!


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