Meek Lamb (Calming) Mystical Astral Candle


Burn this Meek Lamb (Corderito Manso) Candle to help tame your lover and make him/her obey and respect you.
Softens your partner’s heart so you can have a happy, peaceful relationship together.

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This powerful candle will help to sweeten and soften your lover’s heart so he/she will listen to you, obey you, respect you, cooperate with you and be a wonderful partner. It is used to help calm your lover down, make them less angry and mean and less argumentative. This will ensure that you have a mature, peaceful, strong and happy relationship together.

Also, comes with its own instructions- in Engligh and Spanish. Otherwise, you may burn at a quiet time- and continuously if possible (but never leave a burning candle unattended). Burns about 100 hours. It is good to light this candle at least once a month, to reinforce its effects and get results.

Before lighting, concentrate on your desires. Where there is hope, there is faith.


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