Black Cat Bone


Draws money and luck in a hurry. Keeps jinx and bad luck away. Carry this lucky talisman with you to prevent any crossed conditions and draw luck and success to you in all things!

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Draws money and luck in a hurry when using Black Cat Bone. Keeps jinx and bad luck away and keeps you protected from reaching the same fate. You can carry the Black Cat Bone in a blessed bag – in your pocket or purse for travels.

 IMPORTANT!!!  These Herbs and Roots are not to be taken internally. They are not sold as medicine. They are offered as curios only! DO NOT CONSUME!!

These Triple Strength Lucky Roots will assist you in many problems or situations! Unlock the magic behind these ancient roots today and turn your luck around!

WARNING: These herbs are rare commodities. Please Note that prices are subject to change at any time. This is due to wide fluctuation in pricing from various vendors, due to lack of availability at any given time.


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