White Sage & Bay Leaf Smudge Stick 4″


Burn this Bundle to Cleanse your home and bring Victory and Peace to yourself and your family! This Powerful Smudge Stick can be used in any home, workplace, car, or room to cleanse away evil and bring the Energy of Apollo to any ritual! Stop worrying & Bring Money, Winnings, Prosperity & Success to you!


Bay Leaf is a POWERFUL herb used for Victory and Peace. Combined with the CLEANSING properties of White Sage, this bundle is great for ALL PURPOSE use throughout your home! Burn this in any room, car, workplace or household to bring POWER and PEACE to yourself and your loved ones! Can be used in all situations to Protect from evil and Spiritually Cleanse your space! Stop worrying & Bring Money, Winnings, Prosperity & Success to you!

Bay Leaves are an herb that can be traced back to ancient times. The Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae), similar to the bay leaf, was the main constituent in the wreaths of laurel used for crowning the victorious athletes in ancient Greece. Its history dates back to the legends of the Greek god Apollo – god of prophecy, healing and poetry. Legends say that Apollo was madly in love with a nymph named Daphne and to spurn him, she turned herself into a bay tree commonly found on the Greek isles. When Apollo came to know about it, he declared the bay tree sacred and wore a wreath of its leaves on his head, in memory of Daphne. This tradition has been carried forward in the same manner, crowns of bay leaves (wreaths of laurels) were given to victors in battle and sporting events in ancient Greece and Rome. Bay leaves are also known to bring prosperity and money to you FAST! Bring money, luck, success, and financial blessings!

Sage Smudge sticks have been used throughout history to burn away evil, and cleanse new homes. Simply burn the end of the bundle as you pass throughout your home. Pray over the bundle while cleansing your home to clear away Darkness and Evil, and to Protect your home from all things! Can also bring Victory and Peace, drawing on the Power of Apollo! Good for drawing Money and Prosperity! 


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