Business/Work/Millionaires Candle – Green


Draw millions into your business! Become the powerful business owner that you have always desired! Can also be used to find/keep your dream job – so that you have steady work at all times!


Does business seem slow, like it just won’t pick up? Are you having a hard time keeping employees or growing your business, so that you can hire help? Burn this candle to bring customers and success into your life! Watch how quickly business flows in and how fast you become the millionaire that you have always dreamed of! Stop letting others doubt your reality and lift your business off of the ground! You will quickly be the successful business man/ woman that has always lingered in the back of your mind! 

Can also be used to find your dream job and get the pay that you have been manifesting for so long! Get the promotion, raise, and/ or transfer that has will change your life! Have steady work; Have steady pay! Worry no more! 

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